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Benefits of taking Possession on Partial OC!

We would like to share an article with you on the issue of temporary occupancy/partial occupancy Certificate and benefit of buyers in the case of taking possession on the basis of temporary or partial occupancy certificate  At present,   buyers are well aware of documents and other legal aspects of the project. However, there are few areas […]

Hurry up! Buy A Home Now

Hurry up! Buy A Home Now Expert says, likely second half of current fiscal year will boost real estate market. So, is the right time to invest in Civitech Stadia. Near possession property in NCR, Civitech Stadia is close to its final stage and recent experts report prove it all that this is the right [...]

Role and Responsibility of RERA in Real Estate Sector

Role and Responsibility of RERA in Real Estate Sector Real estate sector in India is one of the key sectors when it comes to revenue generation. Multiple builders, brokers and vendors manage to fish out huge profits from this sector. But like in other sectors, certain events in this segment do go out of hand [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Civitech Stadia

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Civitech Stadia Today, with modernization expanding its horizon, we always try to settle for the best deal, whether it is when we are travelling, shopping, buying a car or property. Boom in urbanization has motivated many real estate entrepreneurs to indulge in building lavish residential and commercial properties [...]

How has GST Impacted The Real Estate Sector in India

How has GST impacted the real estate sector in India Real estate sector in India has always witnessed a topsy turvy path when it comes to builders, buyers or government. Where one side buyers have mostly been jittery investing in ‘soon to be launched’ projects, builders have tried their best to woo their targeted audience [...]

What Makes Civitech Sampriti A Superlative Location for Potential Buyers

What makes Civitech Sampriti a superlative location for potential buyers ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’ as they say are three essential goals to achieve in everyone’s life. We might not get very snooty while buying ‘Roti’ or ‘Kapda’, but when it comes to buying a ‘makaan’, our analytical mind starts pumping. Today, with so many ‘Makaan’ [...]


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