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We Welcome Passion Beyond Boundaries!

Civitech is focused on being the technologically vast developer’s company. Here we believe our assets, services, projects and strength is all measure with people working with us or for us. Tossing this ethos, we at Civitech pledge to train the human capital we have. We provide training and education to our employees  so they can pursue perfection to break tradition and can push boundaries.

So if you have the passion to go beyond boundaries, send us your resume at


We affirm that an legitimize workforce will help us to not only hand-carry eminent structures but will also help us to attain our perception of being the most valued real estate companies in India.



We endeavor our employees a moving career and friendly work environment and above all, a offhand to be a part of a team that can exceed customer expectations in terms of delivery and services.



Acknowledgement, we expect our passionate employees to dream and think beyond boundaries, and at the same time, to develop the desired fundamental skills to converse these dreams to reality.